High-quality pies, pie cases, soups and smoked and confit duck and chicken.

Ultimate Purveyors produces arguably amongst the best and highest-quality pies, pie cases, soups and smoked and confit duck and chicken available to professional caterers and food retailers.

However, when it comes to catering trade supplies, we all recognise cost and quality can compromise one-another: sometimes what it does is exaggerated by what it says on the tin.

Ultimate Purveyors, however, does not compromise. We create premium food products. And, admittedly, we're not inexpensive.

But consider this: with food you have but one chance to make a first impression. A quality-compromised dish may mean that a customer is making his or her first and last purchase. But an exceptional one will generate repeat business.

While Ultimate Purveyors products are not inexpensive, they are also actually aimed at creating time and cost efficiencies for the professional catering community of restaurants, cafes, delis and event caterers, as well as retail outlets as varied as upmarket sandwich shops and supermarkets.

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