His pies have been sent into space, and now his culinary treats are set to grace the small screen.

“Ultimate pie” creator and serious gastronome Bill Kenyon will appear on Channel 4’s cooking show My Kitchen Rules tomorrow, as he whips up some impressive dishes for a judging panel which includes top Michelin starred chefs.

The 71-year-old former Wigan Athletic chairman teamed up with close friend and pub landlord Graham Roberts to take part in the cookery show, representing the North of England for a chance to scoop the £10,000 grand prize. And Bill, who now runs St Helens-based food business Ultimate Purveyors, said the experience was one he wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

“It was very enjoyable!” he said. “I felt like I was in Hollywood sometimes! We’d start filming at 7am and finish very late at night. You’d have to repeat things 10 or 15 times.” Bill added: “The experience was fantastic and I’m glad I’ve done it. I’m proud of what we achieved.” Each duo is tasked with setting up their own mock restaurant, and Bill and Graham will be attempting to impress the judges and rival teams with their aptly named “Lancashire Lounge.”

Bill said: “I’m Lancashire born and bred, and proud of it!” Bill used a close friend’s house to stage the temporary restaurant, serving up the kind of no-nonsense food they love to eat. They will be cooking up a selection of fish goujons with wild salad & lime mayonnaise; lambs liver, smoked bacon, wilted greens, creamed potatoes & onion gravy; and fruit jelly tartlets with chantilly cream. Bill’s food hit headlines last December when one of his Ultimate Purveyor-made pies was sent into space to promote the launch of the World Pie Eating Championship.

The stunt was described as a “pie-way to heaven” as Wigan’s favourite foodstuff conquered space. The meat-and-potato snack soared 18.6 miles into the atmosphere, attached to a helium balloon. My Kitchen Rules returns for its second series, and sees 20 pairs of amateur cooks from four UK regions opening their own home restaurant for one ambitious night. Bill and Graham will be appearing in the fourth episode of the series on Channel 4 at 4pm on Thursday September 28.